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Other Services - Restoration /Renovation /Refurbishment

Property Organiser is the ultimate one-stop shop for buying an Italian property.

That means we can also help you throughout the process of refurbishing your new home in Italy or taking on a full restoration project, wherever in Italy the property is — be it Tuscany, Liguria, Puglia, Abruzzo, Marches, Sicily or any other region.

Property Organiser team includes architects, geometras and building engineers, allowing us to offer assistance throughout the entire process — from an initial consultation to design, from planning and project management to tendering, building and obtaining all the necessary certificates.

We can assist you whether you have bought your home through us, using our unmatched property-finding service, or whether you have your property already.

Because we recognise that the idea of overseeing a renovation from afar — or even a small refurbishment or improvement project — can be an unnerving thought for overseas buyers, the Property Organiser can also take care of this for you. We offering not just a personal point of contact that speaks your language, but local knowledge allied to vast experience in dealing with customers from every corner of the world.

What we can do for you:

* Preliminary consultation either via phone, Skype or face-to-face in our offices to understand your requirements

* Feasibility study

* Preliminary survey

* Advising on necessary applications

* Design and architectural drawings/rendering

* Applying for planning permission

* Preparing a working plan, evaluations, submission of projects to the appropriate authorities

* Ensuring compliance with health, safety and construction rules and obtaining necessary certification

* Construction and accounting supervision

* Project management

* Tendering

* Assistance in English (or another language, if required).

Our fees vary depending on the amount of work required.

We aim to collaborate and to work with local firms and suppliers without adding any extra fees to our clients. 

We will also help you keep your costs under control by providing estimates as early as possible and well planned designs. Our architects will work with you at the outset to decide on plans and designs. Please note that changing your mind once building has started can often see costs run out of control.

We would also advise that you put aside a contingency sum to cope with any unforeseen circumstances.

Planning your restoration

Fees/Costs to be considered



Property Organiser is run by a team of trained professionals with a wealth of experience in the property sector.

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