Property Organiser is the ultimate one-stop shop for buying an Italian property - and that means we can also help you get an Italian mortgage, with one of our mortgage specialists handling all the paperwork on your behalf.

    Thanks to our strong relationships with a number of Italian lenders, we can provide you with Italian mortgages at the best available rates and designed specifically for foreign buyers.

    We can assist you whether you have bought your home through us, using our unmatched property-finding service, or through any other property in Italy company. If you are unsure what size of mortgage in Italy you can apply for and hence what property to choose, we can give you an answer in principle from a lender, pending completion of the process.

    As a rough guide, most Italian banks will require that your monthly outgoings, including prospective home loan repayments, are no more than about 33 per cent of your net income. Mortgages can have capped rates to give you more certainty over future payments and mortgage terms can range from five to 30 years.

    Personal documents you will need to provide include your passport, proof of address, up to six months of bank statements and up to three months of payslips (or two years of tax returns, if you are self-employed).

    The process from application to eventual approval will on average take from six to eight weeks. After this stage is completed, you would typically have to attend the signing of the purchase and mortgage deeds in the Italian notary's office to mark the conclusion of the purchase.

    But we recognise this is not always convenient for overseas buyers, hence the Property Organiser can also take care of this for you - as well as translating from Italian to English the purchase deeds, mortgage offer or any other legal documents whatsoever that relate to your property purchase.

    Because we believe buying your dream home should go like a dream.

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