The Property Organiser aims to bring together the best advice on everything from exchanging currency in the most effective way to finding suitable home insurance and the best deals.

Partnering with companies across the globe also means that Property Organiser is able to recommend services and real estate agencies in countries where we do not offer our services yet. But before making any recommendation we ensure that we try and test these companies.

Our property finding service means that we are in contact and partnering with hundreds of estate agencies and construction companies, who also recommend us and often ask for our services for their clients.






    Property Organiser are pleased to announce a partnership with OFX to provide our clients with the best exchange rates and service for transferring any funds to Italy or elsewhere in the world!

    OFX's accredited dealers deliver personal service, including a discussion on some of the best foreign exchange solutions for your investment. You can also use OFX's secure and user friendly online platform to book and monitor your transactions.

    They are also able to organise regular payments for mortgages and they also offer Forward contracts where you lock in an exchange rate for a future settlement date (called forward contracts), and Limit orders where you nominate a desired exchange rate and let FX broker monitor the market for you.

    OFX can make the payment for your overseas property purchase as simple and straightforward as possible.

    Benefits of using OFX are:

       - Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across 18 major currencies and a further 34 exotic currencies

       - Online access 24/7 . Local offices in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong

       - Access to a dedicated Dealer by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week

       - No transaction fees when registering through Property Organiser

       - No receiving bank fees in most countries

       - Foreign Exchange Risk management with Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts

       - Exchange rate alerts via email and SMS . Access to our highly regarded daily and weekly 'Market Commentary"

    If you would like to find out more information please call or visit the OFX site for more information quoting Property Organiser or code 4858.

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    Car rental for foreign home owners is often a regular expense but while it is possible to find great deals and cheap rental contracts the added insurance is always an additional cost that cannot be avoided.

    Therefore Property Organiser has found and recommends Questor Insurance.

    Questor Insurance will save you money compared to buying the excess waiver from the car rental company and they will assist you when you have a claim.

    Their insurance covers all car hires and you will be able to choose from daily to annual policy, for any driver from 21 to 84 years old, covering clients worldwide regardless of where you live and including rentals in your home country.

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    An increasing number of homeowners now also own properties abroad. Yet too many have either inadequate insurance or none at all. Make sure you are not one of them by choosing appropriate insurance.

    We work with one of the largest international building and contents insurance experts and we can help you with your cover for homes in Italy, UK, France and many other countries around the globe. We recommend to have your property insured even if it is unoccupied or rented out on a short or long-term basis.

    All documents are in English, claims are reported to and handled by a UK-based, with English-speaking team.

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