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What should you think about before starting your home search in Italy?

  •  Our expert advice on what to consider when starting your property search

Looks like a huge step, doesn't it?

Finding the right property in Italy, being able to define your area of interest, understanding which is the right type of property for you or your family, and coming to terms with budgeting. Yet, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", as goes the ancient saying. And what is the single step for your property purchase journey? It is definitely identifying what suits you best.

We asked our property searcher Adriana, one of our veterans, what questions she suggests you should ask yourself before embarking on your search. Below is what she told us.

Buying your new home in Italy is, in fact, a big step, especially for people who arrive from abroad, with limited knowledge of the country, particularly of the different areas of Italy and what they have to offer.

The very first question to ask yourself is whether the aim of the purchase is to be able to relocate to Italy or to have your dreamy corner in the world, which you will use for your holidays. These two options imply completely different expectations: if you expect to relocate to Italy, you may want to consider all the logistical implications of a life in a specific area. If instead, you wish to buy it as a holiday home, and maybe to be able to rent it out while you''re not using it, things may be more relax- and experience-driven.

Needless to say, one of the first things to consider anyway is what kind of family you are. Are you part of a large family, needing plenty of space? Or is this to be a couple project? Of course, this difference can change everything. If you have a large family or expect to have family and friends visiting quite a lot, you should probably consider properties that have more space outside, maybe with the option to install a pool in the garden or land. The space outside should be as flat as possible so that children playing around are not at risk. And looking for properties that are outside of towns or cities, and close to (but not located on) the main road could be a good choice. If instead, you are looking for a couple's nest, you may want to consider smaller properties, attics, or quirky apartments with a little space outside, like a terrace or a big balcony, probably with a nice view over the sea, the town roofs, or the surrounding countryside. You could consider installing your jacuzzi or a nice gazebo there. And enjoy the silent evenings of your new place.

A third thing to ask yourself is how often you are planning to go back and forth from your Italian property to your country. Depending on your plans, you should consider how far you expect or are willing to be from the main cities or from the local highway, to be able to reach the train stations and probably the main airports in the area.

Another relevant aspect to consider before starting your search is which part of Italy you are interested in, and seeking information about the specific areas you shortlist. The name "Italy" includes all sorts of geographical, cultural, economic combinations. Each different area has its own traditions, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, but also its own type of properties - in terms of locations, building types, sizes, styles. Of course, all areas have their own pros.

If you consider the weather, although the south is typically much warmer, the north of Italy also has its own temperate summer months. If you consider holiday options and the activities you can carry out in specific areas, although the south is much more interesting for people who want to enjoy the sea, also some areas in the north - and of course central Italy in between - do offer amazing beaches and great related services. If you are a winter sports lover, it would be good for you to know that the south has its own ski resorts as well. In short, all areas have a combination of different, sometimes even contrasting aspects to offer.

The very nature of Italy offers a combination of several different features that are closely related to each other: from the seaside to the mountains and the lakes, the beautiful and interesting cities of art, so close to the small villages with their little typical streets. The cycle paths to relax and the easier to more difficult excursions.

All this is available to those who enjoy their time in Italy, anywhere and responding to any need or request.

Whatever answers you give to these questions, one thing that will help you for sure is to be accompanied by a specialist in the area, so that they can help you find out what is the best combination of property type, size, features and budget to invest.

Adriana knows it quite well, as she has been in charge of personalised searches for our clients hundreds of times and for several years. She is part of the team that transforms your requests to our property consultants into real properties booked for viewings.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to discuss all the options you have in mind!



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