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Travelling to Italy now: how does it work?

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With the global situation slightly and slowly changing due to the several countries where vaccination systems are well-working, you might be figuring your next trip to Italy and hoping to be able to reach your property or the property of your interest for a visit – finally!

If you are not aware of the current regulations in terms of travelling to and from other countries, here is a summary of the most recent ones that currently apply in Italy.

Travelling to and from Italy

The regulations on the matter are contained in the Ordinanza 16 Aprile 2021 and they will be in effect until April 30th 2021 – we will make sure to update you as soon as new norms are issued.

Thanks to the Ordinanza (Decree) it is possible to travel to Italy if you are arriving from several other countries, now regardless the reason why you are travelling. Yet, you must follow the few rules and restrictions below.

- From the 19th of April, it is compulsory to provide the results of a negative Covid test upon entrance in the Italian territory, for all individuals who are coming from -or have stayed/transited through -most of the foreign countries. These include the whole European Union, including Great Britain, overseas territories such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, but also countries such as Israel and Brazil – the full list of countries, which are divided into “lists C, D, and E”, is available here. The test has to be done maximum 48 hours prior to entrance in Italy;

- All people arriving in Italy will have to inform the local health institutions of their arrival and stay;

- Individuals who arrive in Italy from European countries (in geographical terms - list C) will have to observe a quarantine for 5 days;

- People who arrive from overseas countries ( those included in lists D and E) will have to quarantine for 10 days, instead;

- At the end of the quarantine period, all individuals who entered the Italian territory will have to submit to another Covid test to make sure their results are still negative.

For people arriving from other countries in the world, travelling as a tourist is still banned, you can only visit Italy for the following essential reasons:

- proven work reasons;

- absolute urgency;

- health reasons;

- study;

- return to one’s home, domicile, or residence.

Travelling around in Italy

Remember that once you are in Italy, several conditions apply.

The Italian system to reduce the circulation of the Coronavirus includes the division of the different regions into three different risk zones: the yellow, the orange and the red ones. This implies that if you are in a red zone region, you will not be allowed to reach another one (unless it is for work, absolute urgency or health reasons), or move around the different municipalities in the region.

Nevertheless, with numbers going down a bit, most of the regions are now in the orange risk area, which allows for much more freedom of movement around the different cities and towns.

The epidemiologists are confident that, with this system, the numbers will be going down in the next few weeks, so moving around will become easier and easier while the days become longer, and the weather gets better. This will, in turn, reduce restrictions and allow for a bit more enjoyment and opportunities to socialise.

You may now try and figure which your ideal destination is, and start planning your next trip!



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