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6 common sayings about Christmas in Italian…+1!

  •  We'll bring you the festive Italian spirit and a gift!

Did you really think the only way Italians communicate their thoughts and moods are gestures? No way: the best way to understand the Italian spirit, especially during Christmas time, is knowing their common sayings.

We are going to list 6 of the best-known ones, so that you can bring the Italian festive mood home this year, since you can’t bring your festive mood to Italy! Keep reading, as you will also find a bonus saying with our Christmas gift included! 

The “Carpe diem” spirit

First things first: you should take advantage of every moment, so enjoy the time you are going to spend with your family and friends, even if in restricted groups, or relaxing on the sofa watching the fireplace crackle. “Natale viene una volta l’anno, chi non ne approfitta, tutto va a suo danno”, this is exactly what we were saying: enjoy the little things as they come by. This common saying suggests you should enjoy Christmas when it’s here, 'cause it will soon be gone!

Don’t complain about the weather!

What is Christmas without snow? Well, people in the south of Italy are much more used to not having snow rather than having it. Yet, it isn’t really Christmas if there’s not a sweet sharp freeze either – not in Italy, at least. In fact, they say, “A Natale, freddo cordiale”, which means both that one should always welcome traditional cold weather, and that it is never too cold on Christmas day.

Not just mozzarella, pizza, and caffè

One of the typical aspects of Christmas in Italian houses is the cenone, a spectacular dinner prepared for guests arriving, with so much food that it is very difficult for anyone to try all dishes and finish eating them. As an alternative, some families prefer avoiding the “big dinner” and go for a “big lunch” during the pranzo di Natale, with so many different courses that one of the common sayings goes “Panettone, più torrone, più capitone, più cenone, uguale a indigestione”, meaning that all the dishes combined result in a food overdose!

Who’s your guest? Who’s your host?

Crucial to the Italian festive spirit is the people one spends time with during the holiday season. It is very important for all to spend time with their family – famiglia, meaning not only the close relatives, but whoever they consider part of their closest circle. The most prescriptive of the common sayings provides specific rules about the people to spend time with: “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, meaning that you should spend Christmas day with your family, while you are free to choose the people you want to spend Easter with.

The easiest way not to forget greeting anyone

Speaking about the “famiglia”, one never knows how many people this term involves in the mind of the listener. So how could you avoid forgetting about the great-grandfather who fought in WWII, or his mother’s aunt’s cousin who cares so much about Christmas greetings? Easy: whenever someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, you should reply “Anche a te e famiglia”, literally “Same to you and your family”. Inclusive, polite, awkwardness-free. 

Sooner or later, the end will come

One of the features of holidays which is specific to the Italian people is the length of the festive season. In Italy, it officially begins on December 8th, when people start decorating their homes with Christmas trees and fairy lights, and ends on January 6th, when people put them away. In some places in the south, the season even starts on November 22nd, on the day of Santa Cecilia. That’s why Italians share the knowledge that “l’Epifania tutte le feste porta via”, which means that all celebrations end with the Epiphany. 

Be grateful to your friends and reward them for their friendship

If “famiglia” includes every close person, it is typical for Italians to reward each member of their closest circle with presents to find under the Christmas tree. There is no tradition of Secret Santa, but "surprise" is still a common element as Italians sometimes do not know how “close” they are considered by their friends. That is why one of the oldest sayings in Italy reads out “I doni inaspettati sono i più graditi” – the unexpected gifts are the most appreciated.


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