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Travelling during the pandemic: the new quarantine-free flights

  •  Fly from the United States to Italy quarantine-free

Good news for those of us who want or need to fly from the United States to Italy!

You will now be able to fly “quarantine-free” thanks to a brilliant idea by two main flight companies in the countries.

Indeed, the Italian airline Alitalia and the United States airline Delta Air Lines will carry out “Covid-free” flights from the United States to Italy, thus creating a sort of corridor between Europe and the United States, to overcome the inconveniences caused by the flight restrictions imposed and continued since last March 2020.

Trial “quarantine-free” transatlantic flights from Atlanta to Rome Fiumicino are due to launch on December 19.

In fact, Delta Air Lines decided to relaunch its route connecting the two cities, provided that the passengers undergo three different tests, beginning with a PCR test before departure, and finishing with a rapid test on arrival.

More in details, customers who wish to travel on the route will have to subject themselves to the following tests:

• A Covid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test taken up to 72 hours before departure

• A rapid test administered at the airport in Atlanta before boarding

• A rapid test on arrival in Rome-Fiumicino

• A rapid test at Rome-Fiumicino before departure to the United States

In fact, passengers will also be required to provide information upon entry into the US “to support CDC contact-tracing protocols”.

Delta Air Lines also confirmed that middle seats on the flights will be blocked and wearing masks will remain obligatory. This is crucial, as the possibility of a Covid infection on a flight that is 60% full is about one in a million.

Italy, particularly Alitalia, has been successfully experimenting for weeks with Covid testing on flights between Rome and Milan, as well as to Germany.

The agreement between Delta Airlines, Aeroporti di Roma, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the governments involved, allows the US citizens to travel to Italy for essential reasons being exempt from quarantine on arrival in Italy.

Will this new opportunity of quarantine-free travelling pave the way for a return to more frequent trips and safer journeys? Will this be another aspect of our “newrmality”?


*Photo credits: Getty Images



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