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So You Want to Open a Bed and Breakfast in Italy

  •  Written by Stefania Russo, 12 April 2018

 But where to start?

Official records show that in Italy there are 25,000 B&Bs, earning circa €270million in total per year and providing jobs to circa 40,000 people. 

But what are the rules if you wish to buy an existing B&B in Italy or to convert a house in one of them?

Firstly, we need to remember that in Italy each Region can enforce their own regulations although following National legislation.

Therefore it is always important to find out before all how many bedrooms the Region allows for registering a B&B (these can vary from 3 to 6) or if a legal requirements is to be resident at the property - a key factor if you plan to buy your property in Italy as holiday home.

Generally it is quite easy to register a B&B in Italy as long as the property's paperwork and standard regional requirements are met

Indeed the registration form should include the property's floor plan, should have certificate of habitability and needs to comply to planning permission as well as hygienic requirements - after all your guests will need to be looked after.

Some regions will also require a copy of third party indemnity insurance and copy of your deeds, they may ask for boiler and utility certificates and a list of furniture in each bedroom to be rented out.

And let's not forget that the bedrooms will need to measure at least 14 sq m for double bedrooms and 8 sq m for single rooms.

The cost for registering the B&B is also very reasonable. The local authority can charge from €30 to €150 but you may also need to register at the Chamber of Commerce - and for this there is an annual fee.

If the Bed and Breakfast is not open all year round - and bear in mind that some Regions do not allow B&Bs to be open for 365 day - there is no need to register VAT for tax purposes and this certainly eases the "tax return" experience too!

But in Italy holiday accommodation can also be registered under different categories, although you can still market or name the property as B&B if you prefer it.

So if the B&B registration does not fit you, check the rules for Agritourism, Casa Vacanza - holiday homes for touristic use, or Affittacamere - room rental.

After all, where there's a will there's a way!

So why wait? Contact us now for your opportunity to purchase your B&B or to turn your dream home into one.






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