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Property Organiser launches new property auction live app

  •  Your real time auction for properties in Italy has launched

Property Auction Live offers you the most immersive real time online auction experience available, with live tours and access to extensive information on each property including legal documents.

As specialists in sourcing the best real estate available in Italy, you can be sure that our auctions will feature some of the best opportunities that the country has to offer.


1. Easy navigation to view properties and saved search options

2. Bid in real-time in the last 30 minutes of the auction whilst we take you through the property with a live tour

3. Downloadable legal documents to help you make your decision to buy including full due diligence, surveys and contracts

4. Comprehensive portfolio of properties to choose from

5. Bid value updates on app

6. Assistance in the process of buying a property including a restoration service

Our full range of services are Restoration, Legal Assistance, Italian Mortgages, Italian Citizenship, Property Auction & After Sale Support

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What is Property Auction Live?
Property Auction Live is an interactive app that allows you to view, research, analyse and bid on our auctions on Italian properties. We do not offer repossessed properties, but properties where owners want a quick sale and that therefore are exclusive to Property Auction Live. We also allow you to bid in real time when we will be at the location itself, during the last 30 minutes of the auction and you can view the property, ask questions and bid, all live.

How do I buy a house at a real estate auction?
Buying a house at a real estate auction using Property Auction Live is really simple. All you have to do is head over to the app and register for free by following the really simple, easy instructions.
Once registered, you can look through all of the properties that are available and see when the live auctions are scheduled to begin. You'll then be able to have a live tour of the property (remotely), ask any questions you may have and then when you're ready, place your bid.

Does a property in auction mean it has something wrong with it?
No, the properties we source are from owners who are looking for a quick sale. Many of the properties offered at auction are mortgageable and vacant. However, there will be others that may require work and will not be suitable for a mortgage. We always endeavour to describe properties accurately and before the auction we will make available a full legal pack, including legal due diligence by a registered Italian lawyer, full independent home survey report, legal contracts related to the purchase of the property and closing costs.

How to purchase real estate through auction in Italy
If you wish to purchase real estate through auction, you will soon discover that our Property Auction Live app is the best place to find the perfect property that suits your needs.
Searching for real estate auctions through Property Auction Live is simple and quick, through customised search options.
Alternatively, if easier you can search through the properties directly on a map - it doesn't get simpler than that!

Property auction tips
In each of our auctions you will find the most relevant legal information available, which will help you in buying an Italian property at auction. All you need to do is register on the app and then you can download the official documents, surveys and all other information about the property.
If you have any additional questions, each property will have a direct contact option where you can speak to one of our team and request more technical information on the property that you are interested in.

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