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Buying in Italy - Useful Information

Citizens from the EU, US and Canada do not need a visa if staying for less than 90 days. Click here to see visa requirement details for these and other countries. 
For longer stays, EU citizens will need a Carta di Soggiorno Cittadini U.E. (EU citizens’ permanent residence card) and non-EU citizens a Permesso di Soggiorno (permit to stay). Click here to visit the Italian immigration authority website (in English).           

There are numerous direct and indirect daily flights connecting the UK, US and other countries to around 30 Italian cities such as Rome, which has two airports; Milan, which has three; Venice, Turin, Genoa, Naples and Pisa.
Additionally, ferry services link Italy to France, Spain and Greece. The rail system is also extensive, efficient and reasonably priced. If driving, speed limits are 50km/h (30mph) for urban roads, 90km/h (56mph) on other roads and 130km/h (80mph) on motorways.           

Italy’s state health service is ranked second-best in the world by the World Health Organisation. However, many Italians take out private insurance to ensure quicker treatment. 
EU citizens can get free state-provided healthcare if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC, which has replaced the old E111 form, is valid for three to five years. Note that it will not normally cover dental treatment or physiotherapy, while you will still have to pay 10 per cent towards the cost of any prescribed medication. 
EHICs are available from GPs’ surgeries, post offices, the Department of Health website and other outlets. However, all foreigners resident in Italy instead must obtain a national health number by registering with a Unitá Sanitaria Locale.

International calls
From the UK, dial 00 39 followed by the entire Italian number, including the 0 that appears in the area code. From the US, dial your service provider’s international access code, followed by 39 and then the entire Italian number, including the primary 0.

If in Italy, to call the UK dial 00, wait for a continuous tone, then dial 44 and the UK number, this time omitting the 0 in the area code. To call the US, dial 001, wait for the tone, then the city area code and the number you wish to call.
If you are in Italy and phoning another Italian number, always include the area code even for local calls.

Emergency numbers
Ambulance 118; Carabinieri 112; Police 113; Fire Brigade 115; Vehicle breakdowns 116.

Besides New Year's Day, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Italy has six other public holidays – January 6 (Epiphany); April 25 (Liberation Day); May 1 (Labour Day); August 15 (Assumption, but better known as Ferragosto); November 1 (All Saints); and December 8 (Immaculate Conception). Good Friday is not a public holiday. Many businesses shut for the week around Assumption in August. 

220V. Appliances from other countries will require an adaptor with the exception for the countries that use a Continental plug (France, Switzerland, etc).

One hour ahead of GMT. Daylight Saving Time runs from late March to mid-October.



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