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Property Finder in France

France property finding service

Property Organiser now provides independent property search services via a network of partners across France.
As Buyer’s agent we are independent and work exclusively for the buyer. We take no commission from estate agents and we cater specifically for overseas buyers.
Rather than you spending valuable time scouring France for the right property and then having to negotiate a complex and unfamiliar legal system on your own, our team of experts will handle every single aspect of your purchase for you. 

Our commitment to providing you the utmost in client personal care will be evident from our first consultation to find out exactly what sort of property you require. 

As well as finding it for you, we will take care of everything else too–from handling all the subsequent  legal paperwork to finding you a surveyor and arranging for a mortgage if you need to.
 Currently we cover Paris and the Côte d’Azur while other areas can be considered upon request.



Property Organiser is run by a team of trained professionals with a wealth of experience in the property sector.

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