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Lake Orta: a new great option for investors to buy in the Italian Lake District

The splendour of Lake Orta, to the west of Lake Maggiore, tucked in the Italian Lake District, has a barely-touched innocence. According to well-known English television presenter Michael Aspel, Lake Orta is "like an opera set”.
Mr. Aspel has been going to Orta for 40 years, and he now owns a house there. The British freelance journalist Anthony Peregrine, wrote that “the island of San Giulio in the middle of the lake looks gorgeously theatrical, as if it's landed directly from the early Renaissance to star in the show.”

The lake has always been popular with writers, in fact its enchanting beauty is well chronicled: Friedrich Nietzsche, Honoré de Balzac and Robert Browning all wrote about how sublimely gorgeous the lake and its surroundings were. People tend to purchase properties based on market trends like Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, without considering that Lake Orta is absurdly pretty and secretly superior to these flashy, money-blighted lakes.
George Clooney and some other high-profile individuals bought a house on Lake Como and their presence has contributed to a property boom, according to local estate agents. Consequently, Lake Maggiore – already popular amongst Italians, has slowly been gaining popularity among overseas buyers as well.

Lake Orta is dotted with picturesque medieval towns. Orta San Giulio is the lake's principal town and has a very special atmosphere, a warm feeling envelops you as you walk through the maze of little narrow cobbled stoned streets and the main piazza. The intimate island of San Giulio stands in the middle of Lake Orta and has inspired artists, poets and musicians through the centuries with its Romanesque and Baroque architecture. This place really looks delightful.

The Italian Lake District is in the north of Italy and the region’s accessibility has made it a favourite destination for travellers over the centuries. On Lake Orta, the bewitching lake the Milanese have kept to themselves, it’s definitely easier to pick up a bargain. The lake is within easy access of Milan, with its three airports, making it easily reachable for weekenders. 

Do you want to find out more? Read what Penny Smith from The Mail Online says about lovely Lake Orta.


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