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Other Services  - After sale

Our commitment to you does not end once we have helped you buy your property. There are several other ways in which we can be of assistance. For a small fee we can offer the following services: 

•       Handling all paperwork necessary to register you for the council tax
•       Signing you up with electricity, gas, water and telephone network suppliers; 
•       Arranging for mail to be forwarded to your address; 
•       If you have bought a flat or other managed property, liaising with estate managers on your behalf;
•       Arranging cleaners and workmen such as plumbers, electricians and gardeners as necessary. 
•       Should your property require renovation, arranging for a reliable team of experts to carry it out while we oversee the work. 

Property rental 

Renting out your property while you are away for long periods is an ideal way of ensuring it helps to pay for itself. Property Organiser is happy to arrange this for you and help ensure you get top rental rates.

Property management

While you are away, you may wish to leave your property in the care of people you can trust. 

Property Organiser is happy to provide regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly security, maintenance and cleaning visits in your absence.



Property Organiser is run by a team of trained professionals with a wealth of experience in the property sector.

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