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Your Italy property finding service with The Property Organiser Ltd


Congratulations on your decision to consider buying property in Italy.

Whether you're looking for a holiday home, are planning to live permanently in Italy or if your business is looking for the right commercial premises, The Property Organiser offers an property-finding service to make the process remarkably simple for you.

Rather than you spending valuable time scouring Italy for the right property and then having to negotiate a complex and unfamiliar legal system on your own, our team of experts will handle every single aspect of your purchase for you. At no extra cost whatsoever.

Our commitment to providing you the utmost in client personal care will be evident from our first consultation to find out exactly what sort of property you require–anywhere in Italy.

As well as finding it for you, we will take care of everything else too–from handling all the subsequent paperwork to finding you a surveyor and opening an Italian bank account for you.

Because we believe your dream move should go like a dream…

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